Road to RSNA 2019: Women's Imaging Preview

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At RSNA 2019, attendees will have the opportunity to learn how artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming women's imaging, such as enhancing breast imaging, improving radiologists' workflow, and reducing recall rates with digital mammography. This year's conference will also feature presentations on shear-wave elastography, contrast-enhanced spectral mammography, and more.

Presentations will highlight how AI can improve or enhance breast imaging, covering topics such as the use of deep learning to reduce digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) reading time and even further improve its cancer detection capability; the benefits of allowing AI algorithms to sift through mammograms and eliminate low-malignancy exams, thus improving radiologists' workflow; using AI as a tool to reduce the recall rate on digital mammography; and machine learning-based evaluation of DBT screening through the creation of customized synthesized 2D images. In fact, the RSNA plans to kick off the week with a Deep Learning Classroom session that's part of its AI Showcase, and the session will be repeated throughout the meeting.

Yet even with all this interest in AI, RSNA 2019 will offer attendees a chance to explore a variety of other women's imaging matters as well. Keep an eye out for presentations on the feasibility of supine MRI-navigated ultrasound in breast cancer patients, the effect of computer-aided diagnosis on breast ultrasound interpretation, using shear-wave elastography to predict breast cancer patient response to chemotherapy, and contrast-enhanced spectral mammography for diagnostic workup of BI-RADS 4 lesions on breast MRI, to name a few.

In addition, the RSNA will host refresher courses that address advanced breast ultrasound and MRI applications, gynecologic ultrasound, and the current state of breast cancer screening, including how to best deal with dense tissue. Finally, look for "hot topic" sessions that will tackle issues such as imaging the axilla and the placenta.

Keep reading for highlights of just some of the many women's imaging research and posters scheduled for presentation at this year's meeting. View the complete list of abstracts for the 2019 scientific and educational program on the RSNA website.

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