Bayer reports results of phase II gadoquatrane clinical trial at RSNA

Bayer presented positive results of its phase II clinical trial of macrocyclic gadolinium-based compound gadoquatraine in a scientific session at RSNA 2023 held on November 26.

The results showed that gadoquatrane, with a dose of 0.4 mmol gd/kg body weight, has a similar efficacy to 0.1 mmol Gd/kg bw of gadobutrol for MRI imaging.

The purpose of the phase II study was to establish a dose of gadoquatraine with similar procedures of the central nervous system (CNS) in patients with known or highly suspected CNS lesions.

The positive news of this phase of the drug’s clinical development program, dubbed QUANTI, has launched two phase III studies for adults and one for pediatric patients.

The aim of these trials is to determine the lowest gadolinium dose for an MRI contrast agent.

The studies are investigating gadoquatrane for use in MRI across all body regions and across ages, from birth to adulthood. All trials are administering gadoquatrane at a dose of 0.04 mmol Gd/kg body weight.

In other RSNA 2023 meeting news, Bayer technical staff are participating in more than 30 AI-related panel discussions. Bayer also used the venue of RSNA 2023 to announce that it will partner with radiology AI technology providers Perspectum, Brainomix,, and Imagine.

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