AI expert Hugh Harvey gives key takeaways from RSNA 2023

It was no surprise that AI created a buzz at RSNA 2023, but what were the meaningful take-home messages? Hugh Harvey, MD, managing director of Hardian Health in the U.K., has a list of nine to consider.

  • There are very few new startup entrants in the AI space.
  • AI vendors have unilaterally downsized their booths, possibly indicating a lack of funding.
  • A few new point solutions (clinical decision support CDS or diagnostic) from established vendors but no game changers.
  • The talk now is all about "operationalizing" AI and getting it into hospitals fast.
  • Mergers and partner maturity are happening at all levels, but it's still early days.
  • Everyone is on everyone else's platform. No one knows who is winning.
  • There is no robust evidence of return on investment yet. Is this the elephant in the room?
  • Large language models (LLMs) are appearing at the fringe, but uncertainty about regulatory processes and skepticism remains high.
  • Chicago bars still do great cocktails!

Large multimodal (vision and language) models self-trained on huge datasets of images/reports is another trend identified by Alexandre Cadrin-Chênevert, MD, a radiologist and computer engineer from Université de Montréal and Saint-Charles-Borromée, Quebec, Canada. "Pairs will eventually replace almost everything in this space," he commented on (formerly known as Twitter).

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