Quantivly to showcase AI tech at RSNA

Quantivly will showcase its AI-driven software at the upcoming RSNA annual meeting in Chicago, including its digital twin of radiology operations and smart recommendation engine.

The technologies aim to improve patient care via access and personalization while also aiding in clinical coordination efforts.

Quantivly is a spin-off from Boston Children’s Hospital, working on the goal of solving the problem of data liquidity by extracting image pixel data, metadata, and Radiology Information System (RIS) messages on-the-fly. In turn, this cleans, harmonizes, and structures the data via the company's harmonization engine.

Digital twins are dynamic, digital replicas of complex physics systems, such as hospitals, that allow users to simulate real-world conditions, play out what-if scenarios, and simulate the impact of interventions through computer modeling. Quantivly's digital twin is the enabling technology for its smart recommendation engine, which transforms this simulation data to surface insights and actionable interventions, as well as track the impact of these interventions over time, it said.

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