Hologic wins $4.8M in patent lawsuit against Minerva

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Women's imaging firm Hologic has been awarded $4.8 million for the infringement of two of its endometrial ablation technology patents by medical technology company Minerva Surgical.

Filed in November 2015, the suit alleged that Minerva's endometrial ablation device infringed multiple U.S. patents, which Hologic originally obtained through its acquisition of medical device manufacturing firm Novacept. The suit claimed that former Novacept executive Csaba Truckai, founder of Minerva, used knowledge from these patents to develop and commercialize a similar endometrial ablation device.

The U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware rejected all of Minerva's defenses denying infringement and ultimately ruled in favor of Hologic. Following this outcome, Hologic has said it will file an injunction prohibiting Minerva from making or selling the device in the U.S., until which time damages will continue to accrue.

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