Radiologist salaries are in top 10 of medicine

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The average annual salary for radiologists was $429,000, putting imaging specialists among the top 10 medical specialties in the U.S. for compensation, according to new salary numbers published by Doximity.

Radiologists were the 10th best-compensated medical specialty, with neurosurgeons topping the list at an average annual salary of $617,000. Next were thoracic surgeons at $584,000 and orthopedic surgeons at $526,000. Radiation oncologists landed in the No. 4 spot on the Doximity list, with an average annual salary of $486,000.

The Doximity survey found a 23% wage gap between men and women across medical specialties; the gender gap was highest in pediatric pulmonology, at 23%, while in radiology it stood at 21%, with male radiologists making $442,000 while female radiologists made $349,000. Radiology was among the specialties with the greatest gender gaps, according to the Doximity numbers.

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