ASRT: Technologist enrollment on the rise

The number of students enrolling in radiography and nuclear medicine programs increased slightly last year, while radiation therapy programs experienced a notable decline, according to a survey from the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT).

The results showed an average of 21.1 students per class for radiography programs in 2016, compared with an average of 20.7 students per class in 2015. Nuclear medicine program enrollment averaged 11.4 students per class last year, compared with 10.5 students in 2015.

Overall, approximately 15,537 students were enrolled in radiography programs and 1,368 students in nuclear medicine programs in 2016. An estimated 1,185 students were enrolled in radiation therapy programs last year, down 25% from 1,572 in 2015.

Many program directors continue to limit enrollment numbers, the ASRT noted. Radiography programs not at full enrollment turned away an average of 23.6 qualified applicants per class, while an average of 11.3 qualified students were not admitted to radiation therapy programs and an average of 3.2 nuclear medicine applicants were turned away.

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