Wash. MRI technologist bill to take effect June 6

The state of Washington is reducing barriers to certifying new radiologic technologists, especially MRI providers, with a new workforce bill that goes into effect June 6.

HB 2355 relates to establishing a primary certification process for MRI technologists. Before the bill, MRI technologist was not one of the titles among certified radiologic technologists in Washington. The state did not recognize a specific training and certification pathway for MRI technologists.

The bill adds MRI technologist to the list of titles and includes the supervision requirement that they work at the direction of a licensed practitioner, including direct supervision by a licensed physician for parenteral procedures related to radiologic technology.

Advocates noted dire workforce shortages and that providers have been finding it difficult to hire qualified MRI technologists who are trained in administering IV contrast.

The legislation will bring Washington training requirements back to national training standards, according to a house blog published in February. House Bill 2355 passed both chambers and was approved by the governor on March 14.

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