Last chance to vote in Minnies finals

Dear AuntMinnie Member,

Just a few days are left before the November 2 deadline for voting in the Minnies,'s annual event recognizing excellence in radiology. Two dozen candidates are vying in 12 categories that range from Best New Radiology Product to Most Influential Radiology Researcher.

Many of the races are still close, and your vote could provide the deciding margin of victory. Thousands of radiology professionals have already cast their ballots. If you haven't yet, get over to and make your voice heard!

If you'd like to see a list of the 2004 Minnies finalists, click here. You can also check out a complete list of 2004 Minnies candidates in all categories here.

When you've finished voting in the Minnies, head over to our Imaging Center Digital Community, where we're featuring an article on radiology practice management. Imaging centers are feeling more squeezed than ever, and many are fine-tuning their operations to squeeze out every last dollar.

But practice management is an increasingly complex task, involving financial auditing, regulatory compliance, and other mundane tasks. Can you do it all alone, or should you turn to an outside service for help? Contributing writer Kerry Kearns from Radiology Practice Management tackles that question in an article you can read by visiting

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