Radiology earnings high, but gender gaps remain

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Radiology is among medical specialties with the highest earnings, but women are underrepresented in the specialty, according to a survey published April 15 in Medscape.

The survey indicated that radiologists had an average annual physician compensation of $437,000 dollars, which ranks eighth-highest among the 29 medical specialties included. This also represents a roughly 6% increase from the previous year.

Survey data was collected from 13,064 physicians among the 29 specialties between October 2021 and January 2022.

Radiology also had an average incentive bonus of $66,000 and 63% of radiologists feel they are fairly compensated, according to the survey. Additionally, 92% of radiologists reported they would choose the same specialty again if given the choice.

However, the survey also indicated that women comprise just 23% of radiologists. This was the seventh-lowest of the 29 specialties.

Also, radiologists reported spending an average of 13.7 hours per week on paperwork and administrative work. This was below the average of all physician specialties included, which was 15.48 hours per week.

Overall, physician salaries increased by 7% toward the end of 2021, with salaries also increasing to an overall average of $339,000.

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