RSNA 2018 News

YITU releases new software at RSNA 2018

By staff writers
November 30, 2018

YITU Healthcare released two new products at RSNA 2018, CARE.AI intelligent 4D imaging software for chest CT and a diagnostic and treatment software for cancer screening.

CARE.AI is artificial intelligence (AI) chest CT software for imaging pulmonary nodules and other lesions in real-time.

The other new software, the Intelligent Diagnostic and Treatment Platform for Cancer Screening, uses YITU's disease-centered multimodal medical data to provide doctors with imaging detection, lesion analysis, clinical decision-making assistance, patient management, and other services. The software is in use in clinical trials.

The preliminary screening results from an AI collaboration project between YITU and the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University identified 10 cases of lung cancers out of more than1,300 high-risk people, including nine early cancer patients, all of whom have been verified by pathological testing and are in a state of recovery after prompt treatment, YITU said.

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