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Over 1,200 French delegates show talents at RSNA 2018

By staff writers
November 29, 2018

More than 1,200 French nationals are attending this week's RSNA meeting in Chicago, and the Gallic presence is even greater than it was last year, according to Guillaume Lacroix, consul general of France in Chicago.

The French are the largest non-U.S. community to attend the congress, and among it number radiology delegates and also a contingent of more than 20 companies, Lacroix said in a video interview with health journalist Jean Claude Durousseaud.

"What is striking is the capacity for innovation, invention, and engineering that our companies have," Lacroix noted. "It's spectacular because they are inventing things that no one else has discovered, because they are developing at an international level, and because of their ability to convince their market partners, who are not easy, particularly the Americans."

The quality of training and higher education in France, combined with the inventiveness of its engineers and entrepreneurs, is outstanding, he added.

As a Frenchman living abroad for the past year, Lacroix believes that it is important that French talent is recognized internationally. France's public authorities are working together to make progress, notably so that French companies in the U.S. could meet the challenges of financing, development, and growth, he said. France should dare to penetrate the American market -- and the world's, he stated.

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