Toshiba RSNA highlights include new CT, US scanners
November 30, 2015 -- CHICAGO - At this week's RSNA 2015 meeting, Toshiba America Medical Systems is highlighting new entry-level CT and ultrasound scanners, as well as a new multipurpose radiography/fluoroscopy system, a major upgrade for its 3-tesla MRI line, and an upgrade for its CT/angiography room.  Discuss
Radiology must 'go boldly' into its future
November 29, 2015 -- CHICAGO - Technology and collaboration are radiology's new frontiers, and the specialty would do well to adopt Captain James Kirk's famous 1960s-era statement of the Star Trek Enterprise's mission -- "to boldly go where no man has gone before," RSNA President Dr. Ronald Arenson told attendees at the opening session of the society's 101st annual meeting.  Discuss
Newly detected nodules reveal higher lung cancer risk
November 29, 2015 -- CHICAGO - Nodules detected with CT at interim lung cancer screening carry more than twice the risk of nodules present at the first scan, according to new research presented at this week's RSNA 2015 meeting.  Discuss
FDG-PET/CT study suggests change in breast cancer guidelines
November 29, 2015 -- CHICAGO - FDG-PET/CT's aptitude for finding distant metastases in patients with stage III invasive ductal carcinoma has prompted researchers to suggest that the National Comprehensive Cancer Network add histology to its guidelines for determining the best staging method.  Discuss
GE makes big-data play with GE Health Cloud launch
November 29, 2015 -- GE Healthcare is taking advantage of this week's RSNA 2015 conference to launch GE Health Cloud, a new healthcare IT platform designed to enable medical facilities to perform data analytics and other functions more efficiently in the cloud.  Discuss
Nonsolid lung nodules carry greater cancer risk in women
November 24, 2015 -- For lung nodules detected on CT, certain types can pose a higher risk of cancer for women than men, according to a study to be presented at the upcoming RSNA 2015 meeting in Chicago. The results indicate that radiologists may want to consider gender when interpreting CT lung screening scans.  Discuss
3D MRI uncovers risk of stroke in asymptomatic diabetics
November 24, 2015 -- 3D MRI has found evidence of intraplaque hemorrhage among diabetics who have no signs of atherosclerotic disease -- a finding that could greatly increase their risk of an adverse vascular event, according to a study scheduled for presentation at RSNA 2015 in Chicago.  Discuss
MRI finds obesity trigger in obese kids
November 24, 2015 -- Functional MRI and functional connectivity MRI have pinpointed regions of the brain that are triggered by the smell of food and influence reactions in obese children, according to a poster presentation scheduled for RSNA 2015 in Chicago.  Discuss
Scientific & Educational Presentations
November 12, 2015 -- This molecular imaging installment of the Road to RSNA 2015 previews a host of novel papers that use PET alone, PET/CT, and the pairing of PET and MRI to advance diagnostic imaging in the clinical setting. Presentations will feature their role in imaging Alzheimer's disease, a variety of oncologic applications, and more.
November 11, 2015 -- Women's imaging is a crucial part of healthcare around the world, and it is particularly unique because it makes use of such a variety of modalities. This fact will be obvious to RSNA 2015 attendees, as researchers discuss topics ranging from ways to use abbreviated MR protocols in high-risk screening programs to using dedicated breast CT for imaging microcalcifications.
November 10, 2015 -- RSNA 2015 is the culmination of a year of progress in advanced visualization, 3D, and computer-aided detection (CAD) technologies that shine a light on tasks that radiologists can now perform better, faster, and often more cheaply. Other hot topics at this year's conference include texture analysis, CT colonography, and 3D printing.
November 9, 2015 -- Our next destination on the Road to RSNA is a stop in healthcare IT for a preview of this year's presentations on reporting, critical results management, speech recognition, and radiation dose monitoring software, which is a particularly hot topic. Other presentations will explore the adoption of clinical decision support software and how HIT is being used to enhance radiologist education.
November 5, 2015 -- This installment of the Road to RSNA 2015 offers a preview to a plethora of studies that use different MRI techniques, as well as pair the modality with PET to further expand the technology's influence. Scientific papers scheduled for presentation in Chicago include studies on diffusion-weighted MRI to assess kidney disease, diffusion-tensor MRI for concussions, PET/MRI for breast cancer and other oncological applications, and many more topics.
November 4, 2015 -- At this year's RSNA 2015 meeting, a key theme for ultrasound is using the modality either in combination with other types of imaging or on its own to diagnose disease, predict its extent, or track treatment. Researchers will also address the use of elastography, ultrasound for gynecologic and breast applications, and other hot topics.
November 3, 2015 -- As RSNA 2015 turns a sprightly 101 this year, CT continues to pull tricks out of what always seems like its bottomless hat. In 2015, the all-purpose modality is doing its old tricks better than ever, and it's pulling off some new ones that hadn't seen much play before. Highlights this year include x-ray phase-contrast CT, an investigational photon-counting CT scanner, lung cancer screening, and new and improved iterative reconstruction techniques.
November 2, 2015 -- Welcome to the first installment of this year's Road to RSNA preview of the RSNA 2015 conference in Chicago. For the seventh year in a row, we're providing a modality-by-modality overview of the most important scientific sessions to serve as your guide to events at McCormick Place. Our journey along the Road to RSNA begins with our preview of Imaging Informatics, and specifically PACS, analytics, mobile devices, and image sharing.