ECR 2018 News
MRI 2028: What to expect in the next decade of MRI?
March 9, 2018 -- The 50th anniversary of MRI for clinical use is on the horizon. MRI has remained at the pinnacle of diagnostic imaging, influencing many advances in radiology. As we enter an increasingly digital era, what role will MRI play? Market analyst Stephen Holloway explores some recent developments and speculates about the future.  Discuss
Top 5 trends from ECR 2018 in Vienna
March 8, 2018 -- The huge red dragon that dominated the registration area of ECR 2018 looked amazing in everybody's photos, but what were the lasting impressions and meaningful issues to take away from this year's congress in a decidedly chilly Vienna? Our editorial team has put together a list of the five key themes.  Discuss
Derchi looks forward to celebrating ECR milestone in 2019
March 6, 2018 -- Dr. Lorenzo Derchi from Genoa, Italy, is the incoming president of the European Society of Radiology and will be in charge of ECR 2019. He shares his plans and ideas for the next ECR, which will be the 25th congress to be held in Vienna.  Discuss
Focus on FOCUS, a new DWI-MRI protocol for breast lesions
March 5, 2018 -- A new type of diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) is giving conventional breast MRI a run for its money. Field-of-view optimized and constrained undistorted single-shot (FOCUS) imaging can identify 85% of suspicious breast lesions, ECR 2018 delegates learned in Vienna.  Discuss
Video from ECR 2018: Fashion & style in radiology
March 4, 2018 -- VIENNA - Your style should match your ambition, as the saying goes, but how much thought and attention do we give to what we wear at a congress? Two immaculately groomed and fashion-conscious delegates -- Thomas Beyer, PhD, MBA, a professor of physics of medical imaging at the Medical University of Vienna, and Dr. Tamara Geliashvili, a radiologist from Chelyabinsk, Russia -- share their philosophies on choosing the right outfit for the right occasion.  Discuss
Video from ECR 2018: Vicky Goh on research matters
March 4, 2018 -- VIENNA - Well-planned and ethical research projects are vital to advance knowledge, but getting studies off the ground is becoming increasingly difficult. Dr. Vicky Goh, a professor of clinical cancer imaging at King's College Hospital in London, reveals what lessons she has learned during her career and how she goes about obtaining the all-important funding.  Discuss
ESNR survey taps into future of imaging for dementia
March 4, 2018 -- VIENNA - While there is considerable consensus on which modalities and protocols to use to diagnose dementia, few neuroradiologists feel comfortable using advanced imaging, structured reports, or visual rating scales, according to survey results from the European Society of Neuroradiology (ESNR) presented on Saturday at ECR 2018.  Discuss
Questions, dilemmas abound in fast-moving world of trauma imaging
March 4, 2018 -- Time is of the essence when it comes to polytrauma, yet numerous questions arise about how and who should be scanned and for which conditions. For a trauma team, making the right imaging decisions for patients with severe injuries can be complex and a matter of life and death. Trauma specialists shared their experiences at today's session at ECR 2018.  Discuss
Failure to diagnose abdominal bleeds often means bad outcome
March 4, 2018 -- In vascular abdominal emergencies, patient status can degenerate quickly, so time is of the essence. CT is pivotal for fast and appropriate triage of patients and selection of the best treatment strategy. But what if the really important signs and symptoms are small and hidden? New technologies are helping to provide the answers.  Discuss
New treatment strategies give hope to patients with MSK tumors
March 4, 2018 -- In today's Special Focus Session, experts provided an update on imaging modalities, treatment strategies, and therapy monitoring in patients with musculoskeletal (MSK) tumors, aiming to raise awareness of how multimodality imaging can influence therapeutic balancing between tumor control and quality of life.  Discuss