ECR 2017 News
A step closer to Doc McCoy's beloved toy?
March 10, 2017 -- The idea of handheld ultrasound is not a new one, with first-generation systems being available for almost a decade. These first devices were a marvel in shrinking ultrasound technology into a smartphone-sized device. But what about now? Market analyst Stephen Holloway addresses updates on the modality.  Discuss
8 ways radiology can win turf battles
March 8, 2017 -- Turf battles in medicine are nothing new, and radiology is not alone in the struggle to protect territory, as outside specialties such as cardiology and orthopedics eye procedures once reserved for radiologists. So how can radiology ward off turf fights in a proactive, rather than reactive, manner?  Discuss
Does breast MRI hold future for mammography market?
March 8, 2017 -- Clinical evidence supporting the use of MRI for breast imaging is growing in volume and credibility. Further research is required, but evidence suggests MRI has a significant future role to play. So why have we seen little or no commercial impact from breast MRI? Market analyst Stephen Holloway reports.  Discuss
Top 5 trends from ECR 2017 in Vienna
March 7, 2017 -- The stunning flower-and-skull display that formed the centerpiece of ECR 2017 certainly looked impressive in everybody's photos, on social media, and in the daily newspaper. But what were the truly lasting impressions and meaningful issues to take away from this year's congress in Vienna? Our editorial team has put together a list of five key themes.  Discuss
Strickland issues new warning over U.K. workforce
March 7, 2017 -- The radiology workforce crisis in the U.K. is the most serious issue facing the Royal College of Radiologists, according to Dr. Nicola Strickland. Around 9% of U.K. radiologist posts are unfilled, with 41% of those having been vacant for over a year.
Color mapping boosts vessel interpretation in stroke CT
March 6, 2017 -- VIENNA - Color mapping of cerebral vasculature in 4D CT angiography speeds interpretation and may improve accuracy in the detection of vessel occlusions in acute stroke patients, researchers said on Sunday at ECR 2017.  Discuss
Video from ECR 2017: Dr. Oshi Abeyakoon on being a trainee
March 5, 2017 -- VIENNA - Since Dr. Oshi Abeyakoon first went on a course organized by the European School of Radiology in 2013, her career has taken off. She is now an honorary consultant radiologist and doctoral student at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, U.K.  Discuss
Video from ECR 2017: Dr. Nicholas Gourtsoyiannis on 10 years of ESOR
March 5, 2017 -- VIENNA - The European School of Radiology (ESOR) celebrates its 10th anniversary at ECR 2017. ESOR Director Dr. Nicholas Gourtsoyiannis of Athens reflects on the impressive growth of ESOR and talks about the organization's plans and objectives for the future.  Discuss
MRI monitors fat for bariatric surgery
March 5, 2017 -- VIENNA - MRI and spectroscopy can accurately measure fat volumes in bariatric patients before and after surgery, according to the results of a German study presented at ECR 2017 on Saturday.  Discuss
DBT reduces breast surgery re-excision rates
March 5, 2017 -- VIENNA - Adding digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) to preoperative digital mammography and ultrasound reduces the re-excision rate of surgical treatment for breast cancer -- good news for women and also for imaging centers seeking to render cost-effective care, according to research presented at ECR 2017.  Discuss