Patient experience key to quality improvement
July 13, 2022 -- The challenge of continuously improving in radiology is more important than ever, as patients increasingly look to providers for a positive experience. Knowing how to recognize, evaluate, and implement change to meet their needs is key, according to a presentation at the AHRA 2022 meeting in Phoenix.  Discuss
Video from AHRA 2022: Emanuel Kanal on MRI contrast relaxivity
July 13, 2022 -- PHOENIX - Do you know the relaxivity of your MRI contrast agents? Chances are you don't, but you might want to start learning about the concept, according to Dr. Emanuel Kanal, who gave a presentation on the topic at this week's AHRA 2022 meeting.  Discuss
Video from AHRA 2022: Mark Lerner on radiology quality improvement
July 13, 2022 -- PHOENIX - Reducing medical errors and improving patient safety have become key issues throughout healthcare, and radiology is no exception. In a talk at AHRA 2022, Mark Lerner discusses techniques for improving quality in radiology departments.  Discuss
How to get new imaging leaders up to speed on IT
July 12, 2022 -- Imaging leaders don't need to be imaging informatics experts, but they do need to gain a basic understanding of IT to succeed in today's world of radiology, according to a presentation Tuesday at the AHRA 2022 meeting in Phoenix.  Discuss
Video from AHRA 2022: Lawrence Tanenbaum on AI for MRI
July 12, 2022 -- PHOENIX - The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is already starting to change the practice of radiology -- and its potential is boundless. In a July 11 presentation at AHRA 2022, Dr. Lawrence Tanenbaum of RadNet discusses the potential of AI in MRI.  Discuss
Video from AHRA 2022: Rebecca Farrington on regulatory changes
July 12, 2022 -- PHOENIX - What impact will recent regulatory changes have on the practice of radiology in the U.S.? We caught up with Rebecca Farrington of Healthcare Administrative Partners at this week's AHRA 2022 meeting.  Discuss
How to build resilience for your radiology practice
July 11, 2022 -- The COVID-19 pandemic created new challenges for radiologists, but practices can help ease the burdens faced by their employees, a presenter explained on June 10 at the AHRA annual meeting.  Discuss
AI improves speed, quality of neuroimaging
July 11, 2022 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) technology can add significant value in the practice of neuroradiology, especially in the areas of quantitative imaging, triage, and image reconstruction, according to a Monday session at the AHRA 2022 meeting in Phoenix.  Discuss
Video from AHRA 2022: Jason Newmark on asset management
July 11, 2022 -- PHOENIX - What's the best way to manage your medical imaging capital equipment? Asset management is much more than acquiring new equipment, according to Jason Newmark of ECG Management Consultants in a video interview from AHRA 2022.  Discuss
Video from AHRA 2022: Day 1 Recap
July 11, 2022 -- PHOENIX - What were the hot topics in radiology administration and business management on the first day of AHRA 2022? AuntMinnie.com editors Brian Casey and Will Morton offer a video recap of the first day of the conference.  Discuss
AHRA 2022 Industry News
Shimadzu makes AHRA launch of new mobile x-ray system
July 11, 2022 -- Shimadzu announced the release of the MobileDaRt Evolution MX8 Version V type mobile x-ray system, which will be showcased at the AHRA annual meeting in Phoenix from July 10 to 13. Read More
Konica Minolta to showcase DR tech at AHRA 2022
July 8, 2022 -- Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas said its Dynamic Digital Radiology (DDR) technology will be made available on the company's mKDR Xpress mobile x-ray system, with the system highlighted at the AHRA 2022 meeting in Phoenix July 10-13. Read More
United Imaging to highlight leadership program at AHRA 2022
July 8, 2022 -- United Imaging plans to highlight the Leaders of Choice program it has developed with AHRA at the AHRA 2022 annual meeting in Phoenix, July 10-13. Read More
Fujifilm launches new portable x-ray system
July 7, 2022 -- Fujifilm Healthcare Americas has launched FDR Cross, a new portable fluoroscopy and digital radiography system for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. Read More
Carestream to highlight DR systems at AHRA 2022
July 6, 2022 -- Carestream Health plans to highlight its portfolio of digital radiography (DR) technologies at the upcoming AHRA 2022 meeting in Phoenix. Read More
KA Imaging highlights upcoming talk at AHRA 2022
July 5, 2022 -- KA Imaging is directing attention to an upcoming presentation on its dual-energy subtraction x-ray technology at the annual AHRA meeting in Phoenix, which takes place from July 10 to July 13. Read More