Prenatal ultrasound provides insight on variable outcome in Dandy-Walker
April 24, 2000 -- The prognosis for fetuses with apparent Dandy-Walker syndrome or its variant is often grim but can vary widely. Pinpointing the variations with sonography can help doctors better advise patients.
Flash echo with contrast improves ultrasound detection of liver lesions
April 24, 2000 -- Flash echo imaging could make ultrasound a player in identifying liver metastases, finding lesions that are too minute to be seen with conventional sonography, according to German and Japanese researchers.
Flash echo, ultrasound, liver, metastases, contrast, lesions, microbubbles
April 24, 2000 -- Duplex Doppler sonography is a reliable and easily repeatable method of assessing cerebrodynamic change including shunt malfunction.
Journal highlights: Specialists tout ultrasound, MRI in kidney disease, skin cancer, and heart disease
April 24, 2000 -- Doppler ultrasound offers a convenient way for practitioners to do bedside imaging on patients with acute renal failure, without having to take blood or urine samples, according to Japanese researchers.
Imaginary creatures help children stay still in MRI
April 21, 2000 -- With their long snouts and curly antennae, the Magnet Manikins can ease small children through the anxiety of a MR exam by explaining the basic principles of the modality in a whimsical setting.
Vendor-sponsored Web exchanges aim to capture online purchasing
April 20, 2000 -- Earlier this month, several major healthcare equipment providers announced the formation of Global Healthcare Exchange, an independent online company that hopes to facilitate the exchange of information related to buying, selling, and distributing healthcare products and services worldwide.
MRI beats arthroscopy in detecting meniscal lesions
April 19, 2000 -- While arthroscopy is considered the gold standard for evaluating the knee, MRI appears to be superior for detecting meniscal lesions and degeneration.
Existing CR technology may boost Fuji in digital mammography
April 18, 2000 -- Among the vendors vying for position in the nascent digital mammography market, Fuji Medical Systems USA has a built-in advantage: The company's technology for digital breast imaging is already incorporated into many of its computed radiography systems.
Researchers around the world seek solutions to increase breast cancer screening
April 17, 2000 -- Beauty parlor promotions, bingo nights, and breast cancer screening: An odd combination of activities, but an effective way to encourage women to make mammography a part of their preventive healthcare regimen. And the impact appears greater in locations that lack female physicians.
Radiology stint in Tanzania benefits patients and doctor
April 14, 2000 -- The surprise for U.S. radiologists visiting the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center in Moshi, Tanzania, is that even when resources are extremely limited, dedicated individuals can achieve quality radiology.