Rethink Stereo Biopsies and Localization
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Rethink Mammography Room Productivity

At Mammotome, we understand that the productivity of your mammography rooms is critical. Stereo-guided biopsies and localizations under mammo are challenging and time-consuming procedures that can dramatically reduce the capacity of your imaging center. Fortunately, Mammotome can help.

Still Walking Down the Hall to Image Your Stereo Specimen?

Rethink Stereo Specimen Imaging

In-room specimen imaging increases the efficiency of stereo procedures and is a win for everyone, especially the patient.

Watch this 90-second video to see how you can improve your patient's experience.

Does Your Clip Look Like This Under Ultrasound?

Performing localization under ultrasound has tremendous patient experience and workflow advantages. So, why take a chance with clip visibility?

Watch this video to learn how HydroMARK improves confidence by eliminating dependence on shape and size for ultrasound visibility.

On Demand Webinars

Mammotome-supported webinars are conducted by leading experts using the technology and sharing their opinion on best practices.

Topics Include:

  • Maximize Stereo Suite Productivity
  • Radiation-Free Targeted Axillary Dissection
  • Changing the Standard of Care for Breast Surgery
  • Wire-Free Localization and Radiation-Free SLNB

Patient Education Webinar Series

Mammotome proudly presents a new Patient Education Webinar series that walks patients through the entire breast care continuum.

The first episode is now available on demand and is meant to be shared within your community to help reduce anxiety for patients.

Opportunities to Partner with Mammotome

Mammotome partners with health care professionals to gain their input regarding the best designs for our medical devices and to teach best practices.

Mammotome is looking to collaborate with qualified physicians in the following areas:

  • Speakers
  • Researchers
  • Professional Consultants
  • Inventors

Celebrating 25 Years of Innovation

Join us as we continue to honor Mammotome's legacy in breast cancer diagnostics with the Mammotome 25 podcast series. Learn about the history of breast cancer diagnostics and the original VABB device from Dr. Fred Burbank. Hear about our focus on future innovation from Mammotome President Mike Feld.

Also, be sure to follow us on social media as we continue to celebrate our past and look to the future of working with clinicians to bring better breast care to patients everywhere.


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