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What if we could create a future where...
You spent less time managing volumes of data and more time helping patients?
What if that future started today?
The technique and image quality for the same X-ray exposure can vary greatly from site to site, tech to tech and equipment to equipment leading to inconclusive X-rays, or additional time spent adjusting images to achieve a desired look. Patient body type, positioning, collimation and metal implants are additional sources of variation in X-ray imaging.
There is constant pressure on radiology departments and radiographers to work faster and increase output… while also improving quality of care and patient satisfaction.
For your technologists, there will be no more unnecessary X-ray image adjustments and repeated exams. Just sharp detail and the balanced contrast and brightness, right from that very first image.
It’s our mission to reinvent X-ray, to give you the most insightful and intuitive imaging technology under the most challenging conditions. Join us as we design the future of X-ray – together.
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