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Embedded intelligence, supporting your clinical workflow like a gem.

With RUBEE™ for AI, you can embed best-of-breed
AI specialty packages into your clinical workflows.

RUBEE™ helps visualize the metadata generated by AI algorithms, and uses that information to automate and optimize clinical workflows, supporting radiologists to increase productivity and enhance informed decision making, while shining a light on the value of their own expertise.

Get more out of your AI investments

Breast AI Package

The Breast AI specialty package provides powerful tools for cancer risk-based triage, along with natively embedded CAD AI visualizations and advanced 2D/3D mammography tools.

By intelligently sorting and rating images using a deep learning algorithm, the radiologist's workload is significantly eased, and patients are more quickly started on their diagnostic pathway.

Breast AI package

CT Lung AI Package

The CT Lung AI package provides a demonstrated capability to improve efficiency and accuracy, using tools that include vessel suppression, nodule detection and comparison.

With unprecedented detection and characterization accuracy of lung nodules, it increases the accuracy of reading lung CTs, while reducing overall reading time, for greater productivity.

CT Lung AI package

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