Do you need help improving imaging workflows during COVID-19?
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Has COVID-19 impacted your imaging workflow?
Have you experienced long imaging turnover times? Up to 1 hour may be required to turnover a CT room following COVID-19 imaging1.

With a software upgrade to your existing GE Healthcare
X-ray systems2, you can free-up your most valuable assets and improve imaging workflow across your department.

Rapid diagnosis is the key to driving better patient outcomes.
X-ray is one of the tools to help support this objective.




Fixed X-ray rooms:
Advanced applications



VolumeRAD Digital Tomosynthesis 3 brings 3-dimensional imaging into your radiography room, helping you resolve inconclusive x-rays with minimal added radiation.


Obtain multiple cross-section images of the anatomy in a single sweep at a low dose.



Achieve increased lung nodule detection sensitivity compared to conventional chest X-ray4.



VolumeRAD™ digital tomosynthesis could be complemented by Dual Energy Subtraction 3 to aid in visualization of lung conditions associated with the pathology.




Mobile X-ray:
Point of care imaging where workflow matters



Mobile X-ray equipment may be used as an important triaging tool, especially in a resource-constrained environment5 for triage of suspected COVID-19 patients who represent a high pre-test probability of disease. Being portable, the mobile X-ray equipment is easy to set up, to move around from the patient to the bedside. Furthermore, it is very easy to disinfect for the next patient (one disinfectant is sufficient to clean the whole system).


Portable systems provide benefits as a decision tool for suspected COVID-19 case and by helping reduce patient movements. Simplified imaging solutions and also drive additional benefits though features to help enhance workfow.

AutoGrid Delivers contrast improvement without the hassle of physical grid set up – reducing exam set up times by 24%.6

QuickEnhance One-touch anatomy-specific image processing (delivering customized visualization on lines, instruments, implants, and more).

Critical Care Suite AI applications bringing capabilities at the point of care to help the clinical care team prioritize cases and present critical findings.






Visit our page for more information regarding X-ray solutions to support patient workflows and outcomes.








ACR Recommendations for the use of Chest Radiography and Computed Tomography (CT) for Suspected COVID-19 Infection


Compatible X-ray systems: VolumeRAD - Definium 8000, Discovery 650, Discovery XR656 Plus, Discovery XR656 HD, Definium 656 HD Dual Energy Subtraction - Optima XR646, Optima XR646 HD, Definium 646 HD, Definium 8000, Discovery 650, Discovery XR656 Plus, Discovery XR656 HD, Definium 656 HD


VolumeRAD Digital Tomosynthesis and Dual Energy Subtraction are available on the Discovery 656HD and the Optima 646HD fixed X-ray systems.


Improved sensitivity of detection of small lung nodules in the range of 3–20 mm in diameter; 3.6 times more sensitive than conventional two-view CXR, without decreased specificity.


The Role of Chest Imaging in Patient Management during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Multinational Consensus Statement from the Fleischner Society  —


Optima XR240amx Data Sheet. GE Healthcare data on file. JB77154XX.


Photo Credit: Hospital Morales Meseguer, Murcia (Spain)






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