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Siemens Healthineers Lauded for Leadership in Breast Imaging

Siemens Healthineers has won Frost & Sullivan's Global Product Line Strategy Leadership Award in Women's Health Imaging for expanding precision medicine in breast cancer detection.
Awards go to companies that encourage industry growth, identify emerging trends before they become standard, and create advanced technologies that catalyze industries.
The report says, “Siemens Healthineers' range of products makes it a clear trendsetter. Mammography and ultrasound solutions feature best‑in‑breed design, intuitive and efficient workflow, and precise diagnosis. A focus on patient comfort differentiates it from competitors.”

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Survey: Discomfort Deters Many Women from Obtaining Mammograms
A recently released survey commissioned by Siemens Healthineers reveals that 1 in 6 women say pain and discomfort deterred them from getting a mammogram; 12 percent reported postponing a mammogram due to discomfort; and 3 percent said they won't get one again because of it.

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MAMMOMAT Revelation: No Pinching. No Pulling. More Comfort.
Despite its defining role in image quality, breast compression causes discomfort. MAMMOMAT Revelation is built to be different. Automated compression is tailored to the structure of each breast, and soft edge paddles provide a soothing fit. The result? A gentler and more comfortable exam.

Download our whitepaper to see how Revelation is improving the patient experience.

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Case Study: Hidden Cancer Revealed with HD Breast Tomosynthesis
Is it breast cancer? Listen as Dr. Leonard Holmgren, of Barton Health in Lake Tahoe, CA discusses a 53‑year‑old woman whose invasive carcinoma was not seen on 2D but revealed using wide angle breast tomosynthesis.

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