PET imaging effective for guiding treatment of pediatric brain cancer
January 25, 2023 -- PET imaging can help guide treatment decisions in children with brain tumors when cranial MRI exams fail to provide clinicians with enough information, according to a research team in Germany. Read More
CT unlocks secrets of golden boy mummy
January 25, 2023 -- Scientists have "digitally unwrapped" a 2,300-year-old mummy known as golden boy. He was bedecked with 49 amulets intended to protect him as he journeyed into the afterlife, according to a report published on January 24 in Frontiers in Medicine. Read More
PET shows unique lung inflammation due to e-cigarettes
January 24, 2023 -- Researchers have performed the first PET imaging study in electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) users, and the findings point to a unique inflammatory response due to vaping, they suggest. Read More
Diffusion kurtosis imaging helps identify cognitive impairment
January 24, 2023 -- The MRI technique of diffusion kurtosis imaging shows promise for identifying mild cognitive impairment among individuals exposed to environmental toxins, a study published January 21 in Academic Radiology has found. Read More
Radiology trainees welcome more involvement with AI
January 24, 2023 -- Many radiology trainees in the U.K. are interested in working on projects, activities, and teaching related to artificial intelligence (AI), according to survey results published January 19 in Clinical Radiology. Read More
Many women uncertain of breast density's role in cancer risk
January 23, 2023 -- Despite widespread use of breast density notifications, many women are uncertain about or overstate the role of breast density in cancer risk, according to survey results published January 23 in JAMA Network Open. Read More
Imaging effective for pediatric soft tissue, bone mass biopsies
January 23, 2023 -- Imaging -- particularly CT -- is an effective tool for guiding percutaneous soft tissue and bone mass biopsies in children, according to a study published January 19 in the Annals of Surgical Oncology. Read More
Social factors can lead to delays between breast imaging and biopsy
January 23, 2023 -- Women negatively affected by "social determinants of health" tend to experience delays between diagnostic breast imaging and biopsy, according to research published January 18 in the Journal of the American College of Radiology. Read More
PSMA-PET matches MRI, beats CT in diagnosing liver cancer
January 23, 2023 -- Prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) PET/CT appears equivalent to MRI and better than CT in diagnosing liver tumors in patients undergoing surveillance imaging, according to a group of Australian researchers. Read More
What's next in cancer imaging?
January 23, 2023 -- It's time for radiology to deliver a higher level of cancer imaging for oncologists, according to Bob Jacobus, CEO of software developer AI Metrics. In a new column, he discusses key challenges and potential solutions. Read More
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