Ultrasound offers insight into knuckle-cracking debate
December 1, 2015 -- CHICAGO - An audible crack is accompanied by a distinct flash of brightness -- or so it goes when a person cracks his or her knuckles while being scanned via ultrasound, according to researchers from California. They shared their conclusions about the common sound at this week's RSNA meeting.  Discuss
Patients want speedy access to their imaging reports
December 1, 2015 -- CHICAGO - Patients want to access their imaging results quickly via patient portals, and they are also interested in receiving the findings directly from radiologists, according to a presentation on Tuesday at the 2015 RSNA meeting.  Discuss
With tomo, are synthesized 2D images good enough?
December 1, 2015 -- CHICAGO - It seems like a good idea: When using digital breast tomosynthesis, synthesize the 2D mammography images from the tomosynthesis data to reduce radiation dose. But are these images really good enough to replace actual 2D mammography? Researchers addressed this question on Tuesday morning at RSNA 2015.  Discuss
Gaming console might help produce better x-rays
December 1, 2015 -- CHICAGO - The gaming console your children use to destroy alien villains on distant fictional planets may help radiologists improve the quality of x-rays, researchers reported at the annual RSNA conference.  Discuss
Siemens RSNA launches range from x-ray to PET/CT
December 1, 2015 -- CHICAGO - At this week's RSNA 2015 meeting, Siemens Healthcare is unveiling a range of new imaging technologies, from a robotic x-ray room to a new entry-level PET/CT scanner. The firm is also talking up a regulatory clearance for CT lung cancer screening that it received just before the show opened.  Discuss
Blood flow still altered after concussion symptoms abate
December 1, 2015 -- CHICAGO - New MRI-based research suggests that changes in the brain linger after athletes appear to recover from the cognitive symptoms involved with a concussion, according to results presented in a press conference at this week's RSNA 2015 conference.  Discuss
Germans get star billing at RSNA with vast MRI study
December 1, 2015 -- Taking a broader approach to research, combined with much closer collaboration between radiologists and epidemiologists, can contribute to better patient care and disease prevention, according to speakers from Germany at a special session held at RSNA 2015 on Monday.  Discuss
Concussion effects vary among former football players
December 1, 2015 -- CHICAGO - Repetitive hits to the head and a history of concussions can affect different areas of the brain in former collegiate and professional football players, based on the player's position, according to a comparison of diffusion-tensor MR images presented on Monday at RSNA 2015.  Discuss
Screening US spots thyroid cancer in healthy people
November 30, 2015 -- CHICAGO - Screening ultrasound in asymptomatic healthy people can be useful for detecting early-stage thyroid cancer, and in South Korea at least, it can be done at a relatively low societal cost, according to research presented on Tuesday at RSNA 2015.  Discuss
Researchers measure fetal CT dose with SSDE
November 30, 2015 -- CHICAGO - A new fetal dose-measurement technique ties CT dose index volume scanner readouts to size-specific dose estimates (SSDEs), opening a door to greater accuracy in fetal dose measurement, according to a presentation at the 2015 RSNA meeting.  Discuss
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