Michael Cannavo

Michael J. Cannavo is known industry-wide as the PACSman. After several decades as an independent PACS consultant, he worked as both a strategic accounts manager and solutions architect with two major PACS vendors. He has now made it back safely from the dark side and is sharing his observations on AuntMinnie.com.

His healthcare consulting services for end users include PACS optimization services, system upgrade and proposal reviews, contract reviews, and other areas. The PACSman is also working with imaging and IT vendors developing market-focused messaging as well as sales training programs. He can be reached at pacsman@ix.netcom.com or by phone at 407-359-0191.

Articles by this author
The PACSman Pontificates: Pit bull and the PACSman
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The PACSman Pontificates: Stop making sense
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March 22, 2022 -- With rates of COVID-19 declining rapidly around the country, this year's meeting of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) was a largely maskless affair. Imaging industry consultant Michael J. Cannavo -- aka the PACSman -- offers some thoughts on the meeting in Orlando.  Discuss
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March 11, 2022 -- Consultant Michael J. Cannavo introduces his new blog, the PACSMan Pontificates, and gives a sneak preview of what to expect in coming editions.  Discuss
The 2021 PACSman Awards: The Jack in the Box show
December 3, 2021 -- Although RSNA 2021 was a lot different than in years past, in some ways it was the best RSNA ever, according to imaging consultant Michael J. Cannavo. In this column, Cannavo shares his observations and doles out his annual PACSman Awards.  Discuss
How to shop for AI, enterprise imaging, and more at RSNA 2021
November 24, 2021 -- Imaging consultant Michael J. Cannavo shares his tips for how to shop for artificial intelligence (AI) software, PACS, enterprise imaging, and more at RSNA 2021.  Discuss
Can radiology AI win with a bad hand?
June 21, 2021 -- In a hypothetical poker game, radiology artificial intelligence (AI) would be considered an underdog as it faces challenges related to reimbursement and proving its efficacy. Imaging consultant Michael J. Cannavo shares how the technology can still be a winner.  Discuss
Can radiology AI save itself?
February 26, 2021 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) has struggled to gain a foothold in radiology over the past five years or so, achieving fairly limited success. Can radiology AI save itself? Imaging consultant Michael J. Cannavo examines this question.  Discuss
The 2020 PACSman Awards: Is that all there is?
December 3, 2020 -- What were the hot topics in artificial intelligence and enterprise imaging at RSNA 2020? The PACSman, aka Mike Cannavo, offers his thoughts, as well as the eagerly awaited PACSman Awards for excellence in sales and marketing at this year's virtual conference.  Discuss