Merge recalls PACS software

IBM company Merge Healthcare has issued a recall for certain versions of its PACS software due to an issue involving mismatched patient names.

Merge is recalling version MR2 and earlier of its PACS software because "the patient name in the Halo title bar and the thumbnails do not match the name on displayed images," according to recall information posted on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website.

The software was initially distributed by Amicas prior to Merge's acquisition of the company, but the product labeling was later changed to Merge Healthcare. Merge emailed customers in January to explain the reason for the recall and to instruct them to provide a copy of the notification to all users, according to the recall information. Merge also issued a second letter on May 25 to customers who hadn't responded.

The affected software was distributed to 93 medical facilities nationwide, including a government site in Minnesota, according to the FDA. Sites in Australia and the U.K. have also received the software.

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