Totoku debuts new display

2009 03 05 10 59 01 430 2009 03 05 Ms31i2

2009 03 05 10 59 01 430 2009 03 05 Ms31i2
The new MS31i2 display. Image courtesy of Totoku.
Japanese display provider Totoku of Tokyo has launched a new monochrome medical display at this year's European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in Vienna, the company announced.

MS31i2 is 21.3 inches with a 9-mega independent subpixel drive and is ideal for computed radiography, digital radiography, and CT images, according to Totoku. The unit is the third model Totoku has added to its independent subpixel drive (ISD) line of products. The company's ISD technology enhances image detail, Totoku said. The new display includes antireflection coating for filmlike black, improved sharpness and image quality, and luminance uniformity control features.

In other Totoku news, the company plans to highlight its collaboration with Rogan-Delft of Veenendaal, Netherlands: Rogan-Delft's View-Pro X, a general diagnostic, orthopedic, and mammography viewer, has been incorporated with Totoku's ISD technology.

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