AFC Industries

2007 10 29 12 17 53 706

(Booth 1704) AFC Industries of College Point, NY, will use its 2007 RSNA exhibit to showcase built-in data ports for its workstations, tables, and carts, including support for USB, Ethernet, and parallel ports.

2007 10 29 12 17 32 706The pop-up data and built-in USB ports can be embedded in desktops of AFC's workstations, tables, and carts, conferring ergonomic workflow benefits, according to AFC.

The pop-up units include Ethernet network and parallel ports, as well as standard AC/DC power outlets; they can also be customized to a site's particular needs, AFC said. Separate USB units include multiple interfaces for multidevice support.

Using the ports, radiologists can connect and use almost any digital or electronic device while remaining seated, AFC said.

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