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(Booth 3339) Italian vendor EBIT AET will present enhancements to its Risolution RIS/PACS portfolio at the 2007 RSNA meeting.

2007 10 24 11 49 30 706In image viewing enhancements, EBIT AET has added the ability to save a physician's set of image viewing preferences for later presentation, according to the Genoa-based firm. The company said it hass also incorporated configurable image selection and publication functions to ease distribution to clinical departments and specialists; a toolbar allows for marking and selecting images for DICOM-compliant distribution on a CD or the Web.

EBIT AET will also highlight modules for specific clinical applications, including 3D processing software, tools for performing quantitative vascular analysis for planning stent implants, as well as 2D, 3D, and 4D viewing of multiphase cardiac CT studies. Other features include a virtual colonoscopy capability for viewing prone and supine projections of colon CT scans in 2D or 3D, PET/CT fusion, and digital orthopedic software, according to the company.

In quality assurance enhancements, EBIT AET said it has added a module to aid administrators in ensuring correct association between studies in a PACS and procedures on a RIS. EBIT AET will also show a PACS version targeted for researchers.

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