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Sony will shine the spotlight on its UP-DF550 dry film imager.

2006 11 09 15 15 11 706UP-DF550 is a dual-tray imager; the second tray can accommodate 8 x 10-, 10 x 12-, and 11 x 14-inch film sizes in addition to its traditional 14 x 17-inch film size, according to Sony of Park Ridge, NJ. Sony plans to release the next-generation FilmStation imager in early 2007.

Sony will also show its flagship UP-DF500 imager, its UP-990AD and UP-970AD hybrid printers, and its recently introduced UP-D77MD model. The UP-D77MD is designed for PET/CT, 3D CT, and nuclear medicine modalities and features 8 x 10-inch color dye-sublimation output and a built-in DICOM interface, Sony said. The company said it's suitable for referring physicians and patient records.

By Erik L. Ridley staff writer
November 10, 2006

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