UltraRad will expand its product line with managed services, a DICOM router, and a document scanner.

UltraRad's managed services allow facilities to outsource their radiology, PACS, and teleradiology needs, according to the Largo, FL-based vendor. The company said it has a data center that can assist customers in image acquisition, preliminary and diagnostic reading services, reporting, and billing.

In new products, UltraRad will unwrap UltraGateway, a DICOM image router. UltraGateway supports automatic and rules-driven image forwarding with variable JPEG and JPEG 2000 compression, according to the company.

UltraRad will also discuss UltraAudit, work-in-progress software that allows a PACS customer to monitor and track study distribution and audit study access. It's scheduled for release in January 2005.

By Erik L. Ridley
AuntMinnie.com staff writer
November 16, 2004

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