eRAD/Image Medical

eRad has added new plug-in modules for its PracticeBuilder 1-2-3 offering.

The new suite of discipline-specific modules brings multiplanar reconstruction (MPR), 3D visualization, and orthopedic templating capabilities to the Greenville, SC-based firm's PACS offering.

The MPR plug-in module allows for clinicians to create orthogonal and oblique views from a single series of CT or MR images, according to the vendor. Users can scroll through, annotate, and archive the MPR series, as well as attach it to the report as a key image.

The 3D rendering plug-in module supports creation and viewing of 3D objects; users can create a shaded volume from a single series of CT or MR images, rotate it in 3D space, define cut planes, and apply segmentation algorithms, eRad/Image Medical said. Maximum intensity projection (MIP) capability is also supported. 3D objects can be saved, annotated, archived, and attached to a report.

Via a partnership with Meridian Technique for its OrthoView orthopedic planning software, eRad/Image Medical has also added an orthopedic templating plug-in module, adding prosthetic device templating tools to the PracticeBuilder 1-2-3 diagnostic workstation.

By Erik L. Ridley staff writer
November 16, 2004

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