Emageon will spotlight its 2004-R6 product release.

Emageon will be demonstrating new features, including integration with Dictaphone's PowerScribe speech recognition software. The spotlight will also shine on Emageon's UltraVisual Technologist offering, which features Web-based administrative tools and paperless workflow, according to the Birmingham, AL-based vendor.

Also new for Emageon: OpenGL high-performance graphics, native multispecialty tools, and multi-institutional support. Emageon will also emphasize its mammography workstation, which has received FDA clearance for soft-copy viewing of digital mammography images.

The FDA clearance opened the door for Emageon's UltraVisual advanced visualization software to be used in conjunction with FDA-approved display hardware, according to the vendor.

By Erik L. Ridley
AuntMinnie.com staff writer
November 16, 2004

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