IDX Systems

IDX Systems of Burlington, VT, has built on its experience in RIS development to create Imagecast PACS.

The application is based on a single RIS/PACS database strategy, and is designed to leverage the firm’s Imagecast RIS to maintain a single database instance of all patients and exams.

Idx Pacs The Imagecast PACS solution encompasses an Enterprise Access module for clinical review of full-fidelity images, a Radiologist Workstation module for diagnostic interpretation with full clinical history, and an Image Archive module for secure perpetual online image storage, the vendor said.

The application features access to complete diagnostic context of currents, priors, and associated clinical information to facilitate accurate and timely patient diagnosis as well as access to full-resolution digital studies to any authenticated user on a network, including subspecialists and referring providers with Imagecast Enterprise Access.

The product is targeted toward the integrated delivery network (IDN), large hospital, and academic medical center market, focusing on institutions that do more than 50,000 exams a year or have more than 200 beds, IDX said.

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