IHE, HL7 plan joint demo

The Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) initiative and the Health Level Seven program are readying a joint interoperability demonstration for the 2004 HIMSS annual conference and exhibition in Orlando.

The demonstration will occupy nearly 2,500 sq ft of exhibit space, and is tentatively titled Standards Drive Healthcare Solutions, according to the Chicago-based Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. The IHE program is a joint effort between HIMSS and the Radiological Society of North America of Oak Brook, IL.

Healthcare scenarios will be displayed, including identifying an adverse drug event and preventing medication errors; notifying the Food and Drug Administration and sponsors of clinical trials; viewing clinical reports with links to related images; integrating electronic records with public health reports; and driving the capture of patient charges, billing, and claims attachments from clinical observations.

There will be educational sessions in addition to the live technical demonstrations, HIMSS said. Demonstration participants will also be implementing a new set of IHE integration profiles:

  • Retrieval of information for display -- This profile provides rapid read-only access to patient information and existing patient data such as allergies, medication, and report summaries.
  • Enterprise user authentication -- A profile that allows a single user sign-on capability for all systems on which it is implemented.
  • Patient identifier cross-referencing -- This profile will help correlate and cross-reference information about a single patient from various enterprise systems.
  • Patient synchronization -- This profile uses the HL7 CCOW (Clinical Context Object Workgroup) standards to allow healthcare providers to view data at one workstation for a single patient contained in multiple different applications.
By AuntMinnie.com staff writers
August 27, 2003

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