TeraRecon debuts AquariusBlue

PACS and 3-D software developer TeraRecon has introduced AquariusBlue, a new workstation designed to provide 2-D review as well as 3-D/4-D postprocessing for CT, MR, CR, DR, and angiography studies.

A lower-cost version of the vendor's flagship Aquarius workstation, AquariusBlue is powered by TeraRecon's real-time 3-D volume-rendering VolumePro 1000 hardware, according to the San Mateo, CA-based vendor.

TeraRecon believes AquariusBlue is suitable as an interactive clinical review station or as a secondary workstation. With a list price of $60,000, AquariusBlue comes with a 17-inch super extended graphics array (SXGA) thin-film transistor (TFT) monitor, an on-site visit from a TeraRecon specialist for installation and training, and 90 days of telephone support. Customers will also have the option of purchasing extended service, according to the firm.

By AuntMinnie.com staff writers
July 30, 2002

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