Howtek debuts MyLivingRecord

Film digitizer firm Howtek released its MyLivingRecord system at this month's Symposium for Computer Applications in Radiology in Salt Lake City. The MyLivingRecord CD contains a DICOM viewer and fully DICOM-compliant patient images with notes, according to the Hudson, NH-based firm.

The CD can be used by any other DICOM PACS viewer as a DICOM database, or to bring DICOM images to any Windows PC in a healthcare enterprise, Howtek said. By providing a full-fidelity method of distributing information throughout the enterprise without moving film around, MyLivingRecord digitally duplicates film using what Howtek calls FilmFunnel and ImageFunnel technologies.

FilmFunnel digitizes existing films in the patient record jacket, adds information and notes, and writes the information to a CD. ImageFunnel integrates it with a DICOM network, queries and retrieves all modalities and annotations, notes and patient information, and writes the complete record onto the CD.

By staff writers
May 25, 2001

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