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Welcome to's PACS Digital Community, a site-within-a-site that delivers news, trends, and analysis in the field of digital image management. The PDC will be updated regularly by our editorial staff, with feature articles, vendor and product news, point-counterpoint debates, and more.

But perhaps more important, we’ve incorporated discussion group functionality to nurture dialogue and collaborative learning opportunities for everyone who wants to participate. In addition to interacting with users, our expert moderators will be logging on regularly to answer questions and contribute their wisdom on PACS technology.

For the first round of news and educational articles, we’ve emphasized security issues and growing market interest in application service provider (ASP) models. As healthcare institutions and vendors gear up for the impact of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), security matters are drawing the attention and concern of those who have or plan to acquire a PACS network. We’ve prepared articles on a range of security issues, including network security, biometrics, encryption, data migration, quality assurance, and disaster recovery.

Another hot topic in PACS is the growth of ASP models that many consider the key to broader adoption of digital image management. Using an ASP approach allows vendors to maintain nearly all of the hardware and software necessary for a PACS setup at their own locations, allowing customers to outsource much of the infrastructure needed for a PACS network.

In addition to gaining protection from obsolescence, the ASP model can eliminate many up-front or capital expenditures usually associated with PACS, and replace them with monthly or subscription-type payment schemes. But is it really a good deal?

In a point-counterpoint debate, John Strauss, vice president of marketing at eMed Technologies, and Michael Cannavo, president of Image Management Consultants, address the pros and cons of ASP. Alternative purchasing strategies are also covered in a separate article on PACS financing options.

PDC is your digital community, and we hope you'll take an active role in shaping it. If you have suggestions for improving the site, or topics for future articles, just drop me a line at [email protected]. See you in the community!

By Erik L. Ridley Business Editor
September 19, 2000

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