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(Booth 2973) Visitors to the RSNA booth of OrthoView in McCormick Place will get a look at the Boston company's new client/server software for orthopedic surgical planning applications, as well as a new module for limb deformity repair.

2007 11 05 15 42 54 706The new client/server software includes customized versions for major PACS vendors including GE Healthcare's Centricity Web, McKesson's Horizon Medical Imaging, Philips Medical Systems' iSite, Agfa HealthCare's Impax, and Carestream PACS software.

The new limb deformity repair module is part of OrthoView's version 5 software, and includes a capability for "plate contouring" or on-screen plate-bending visualization.

OrthoView developed plate contouring in response to requests from orthopedic surgeons to reflect the fact that surgeons bend plates during surgeries to fit particular bones, according to the company.

The limb deformity package allows planning of full-leg and single-bone osteotomies, with the ability to plan deformities in the frontal, sagittal, or oblique plane. A reduction tool allows visualization of the planned correction, and the module supports templating of internal and external fixators, including the Taylor spatial frame. In addition, OrthoView has introduced new templates for use with the new version, including periarticular plates.

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