Calif. hospital offers DICOM 3D conversion software

2022 02 02 23 31 1840 3d Rendered Arthritic Lumbar Spine 400

Rady Children's Hospital - San Diego in California is making its internally developed DICOM 3D conversion software freely available to other institutions.

Developed by Rady Children's Helen and Will Webster Foundation 3D Innovations (3DI) Lab, Media2DICOM converts archived 3D models to DICOM images, enabling them to be embedded within patient medical records and accessible on an institution's PACS, according to the institution. Technicians can convert videos of patients' 3D models or the 3D datasets themselves into standardized DICOM files.

As a result, physicians can conveniently access 3D models and familiarize themselves with their patients' anatomical 3D reconstructions, Rady Children's said. Media2DICOM can be downloaded from the organization's website.

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