Ocutrx releases new design for lightweight AR headset

2019 02 26 19 13 3948 Oculenz Ar Headset 20190226192418

Augmented reality (AR) headset manufacturer Ocutrx Vision Technologies has unveiled a new lightweight design for its flagship Oculenz AR Wear glasses.

The upgraded Oculenz AR Wear includes eye-tracking cameras and infrared light illumination that provides wide, bright projection for medical applications such as the viewing of 3D anatomical models. At 200 grams, the device weighs considerably less than the commonly used Microsoft HoloLens 2 mixed reality headset, which weighs approximately 566 grams.

Oculenz AR Wear by Ocutrx. Image courtesy of Ocutrx.Oculenz AR Wear by Ocutrx. Image courtesy of Ocutrx.

Ocutrx is displaying the technology this week at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain.

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