A year-end thank you; iPad vs. Kinect for image review

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iPad vs. Kinect for image review

New technologies such as Apple's iPad and Microsoft Kinect are increasingly being used by radiologists as tools for image review. This week in our Advanced Visualization Digital Community, we bring you a study that assessed their value for intraoperative review of interventional radiology images.

The goal is to find an interface for image review and manipulation that can be used in the challenging environment of a hospital's interventional radiology suite, with its sterile-field requirements.

Researchers from the University of California, San Diego compared Kinect and the iPad in the interventional radiology suite, as well as a third alternative image review technique that uses gyroscopic sensors similar to Nintendo's Wii game controller.

Find out how well it worked by clicking here, or visit our Advanced Visualization Digital Community at av.auntminnie.com.

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