TeraRecon introduces 3-D volume-rendering hardware

TeraRecon will showcase its 3-D volume-rendering product, VolumePro 1000, at the November RSNA show. The technology will be featured both on TeraRecon workstations and on computers of other OEMs.

The VolumePro technology provides high-quality 3-D images and advanced image processing features for workstations, according to the company. It's based on a patented implementation of advanced gradient lighting and ray-per-pixel ray-casting algorithms, the firm said, achieving real-time interactive performance for medical images as large as 512 CT slices. Up to 2GB of volume data can be visualized and manipulated on a single PCI board, and multiple boards can work in concert to handle data.

Although the company said it could not speak for its clients’ RSNA plans, TeraRecon will show the board and software on its own Aquarius workstation.

By AuntMinnie.com staff writers
October 24, 2001

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