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AI continues its push into breast imaging, with studies demonstrating its potential in real-world settings as an adjunct imaging reader.

U.K.-based researchers assessed one such algorithm's performance on test cases that radiologists in England must take to measure their competency. The team found that the algorithm was on par with human readers. Find out how well it did and what this could mean for similar future studies in this edition's Insider Exclusive.

Speaking of AI, a team from the University of Copenhagen found that a combined diagnostic AI system and mammographic texture model can improve risk assessment for interval breast cancer and long-term breast cancer. It also reported that this method helped identify high-risk women.

In more controversial news, Norwegian researchers recently concluded that screening mammography and CT for lung cancer screening don't necessarily extend patients' lives. While the team based this on randomized controlled trials conducted over the past few decades, breast imaging experts responded by saying their approach was flawed and could result in negative consequences.

Finally, a team from Georgetown University reported that only a third of women at high risk of breast cancer who have a provider recommendation for breast MRI undergo the exam.

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