HIFU good for fibroid treatment

Monday, November 28 | 3:20 p.m.-3:30 p.m. | SSE25-03 | Room N226
In this session, researchers will present findings that suggest portable, ultrasound-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is an effective and safe way to treat uterine fibroids.

Dr. Jae Young Lee of Seoul National University Hospital and colleagues included 36 patients with 59 uterine fibroids in their study. All of the patients were treated with high-intensity focused ultrasound with 3D electronic steering; each patient underwent MRI before the HIFU procedure, immediately after, and at one month, three months, and 12 months after HIFU treatment. The group analyzed the nonperfused volume ratio, fibroid volume shrinkage rate, any improvement of symptoms, and quality-of-life factors.

The mean nonperfused volume ratio at immediate post-HIFU MR imaging was 74.8; the mean fibroid volume shrinkage rate was 17.3% at one month post-HIFU, 33.3% at three months, 44.8% at five months, and 43.7% at 12 months. Fibroid-related symptoms and patient quality of life showed statistically significant improvement after the HIFU treatment, and no complications were noted, Lee's team concluded.

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