Ratio Therapeutics highlights first patient treated in FAPI PET trial

2023 07 20 18 02 2249 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Scientists 400

Ratio Therapeutics, in collaboration with Lantheus and PharmaLogic, has dosed the first patient in a phase I study investigating a novel fibroblast activated protein inhibitor (FAPI)-targeted radiopharmaceutical for PET imaging.

The company said its clinical candidate radiopharmaceutical, RTX-1363S, is a high-affinity FAPI inhibitor that will be radiolabeled with copper-64 (Cu-64), a positron-emitting radionuclide with a half-life of 12.7 hours.

For the study, researchers will measure biodistribution and pharmacokinetics following a single injection of Cu-64-labeled RTX-1363S in a small group of adult healthy volunteers. The participants will be screened within 28 days of administration and up to six eligible subjects will be enrolled.

Ratio said the study's results will guide further development of [Cu-64]-labeled RTX-1363S as a FAP-targeted tumor imaging agent.

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