PET/MRI shows prowess for nodal staging in breast cancer

Sunday, November 28 | 10:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. | SSNMMI01-4 | Room N226
In this presentation, researchers will compare nodal staging between CT, MRI, and FDG-PET/MRI in patients with newly diagnosed breast cancer.

Dr. Janna Morawitz from University Düsseldorf in Germany will present her team's findings from a prospective double-center study of 182 patients who underwent the aforementioned imaging methods.

The researchers found that PET/MRI correctly detected significantly more nodal-positive patients than MRI and CT. No statistically significant differences were found between CT and MRI. PET/MRI detected 193 lesions in 75 patients, while MRI detected 123 lesions in 56 patients and CT detected 104 lesions in 50 patients.

"Furthermore, PET/MRI was superior to CT or MRI in detecting lymph node metastases in all lymph node stations. Of all tested imaging modalities, PET/MRI showed the highest sensitivity, whereas CT showed the lowest sensitivity, but was most specific," the study authors wrote.

See what else the team found that's making them herald PET/MRI in this presentation.

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