Isotopia to supply MTTI with Lu-177

2019 11 09 00 17 8713 Radiation Therapy Planning 400

Isotopia Molecular Imaging announced it has inked a deal to supply biopharmaceutical company Molecular Targeting Technologies (MTTI) with its lutetium-177 (Lu-177) medical isotope for the development of new targeted radiotherapeutics.

MTTI currently has two products in development: Lu-177 EBTATE, which targets somatostatin receptors type 2 in a variety of neuroendocrine tumors, and Lu-177 EBRGD for integrin-expressing cancers in glioblastoma multiforme and non-small cell lung cancer.

The new radiotracers bind reversibly to circulating serum albumin, which enhances radiotherapeutic circulation half-life and delivers higher accumulation to targeted tumors, according to studies.

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