Digirad stock faces Nasdaq sanction

Nuclear medicine equipment and services firm Digirad has received notification from Nasdaq that the company's stock price has not met minimum price requirements for listing on the stock exchange.

The notice comes after Digirad stock fell below the minimum price of $1 for 30 consecutive business days.

The company can regain Nasdaq compliance if its closing stock bid price is $1 or more for a minimum of 10 consecutive business days. The deadline to comply is July 8. If Digirad's stock price stays below the $1 mark, the stock will be transferred to the Nasdaq Capital Market and could be eligible for an additional compliance period of 180 days.

In a company statement, Digirad said it plans to "actively monitor the closing bid price of its common stock and will evaluate available options, including, without limitation, seeking to effect a reverse stock split, in order to resolve the deficiency and regain compliance with the minimum bid price rule."

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