IBA Molecular forms Curium as new radiopharmacy player

2016 09 13 17 07 43 134 Atomic Technology 400

Radiopharmacy vendor IBA Molecular has combined with recent acquisition Mallinckrodt Nuclear Medicine to form Curium, a new company with a mission to be a global developer, manufacturer, and supplier of SPECT, PET, and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.

Curium brings together two companies that have more than 100 years of combined nuclear industry experience. It will offer a global network of 21 manufacturing centers, including one molybdenum facility, three large SPECT facilities, and nearly 20 PET and SPECT radiopharmacies, according to the firm.

Its customer base will include more than 6,000 public and private hospitals, radiopharmacies, and imaging centers in over 70 countries, Curium said. IBA acquired Mallinckrodt's nuclear imaging business in January for $690 million.

"We have the largest, vertically integrated radiopharmaceutical manufacturing network in the industry," said Curium CEO Renaud Dehareng in a statement. "We will use our scale, global reach, manufacturing footprint, and an unrivaled logistics and distribution network to deliver superior service that our customers can rely upon every day."

Dehareng previously served as CEO of IBA Molecular.

The company said it chose the name Curium to "recall the pioneering spirit and radiation research performed by Marie and Pierre Curie."

"We want to be a catalyst of nuclear medicine growth and support increasing its role in global healthcare," the vendor said in a statement.

Curium said its name also highlights the company's focus on nuclear medicine. The brand's tagline will be Life Forward, which is meant to sum up its commitment to customers and the industry to enhance the quality of health outcomes through patient care and lifesaving diagnostics and treatment, Curium said.

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